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The PineCone

by the sublime experience of natural environments and the impulse to forge community among differently abled audiences, The PineCone is a transportable and inclusive venue for the projection of immersive media for collective experience.

Unlike many individualized VR experiences, this 40’ tall / 60’ diameter ADA-compliant structure will hold up to 100 people who can together witness otherwise inaccessible, impossible or unlikely environments. The PineCone will be uniquely inclusive by featuring patient, observational imagery and sound captured from natural environments for those with sensory differences.

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The PineCone’s
exterior will feature woody scales that identify this structure an art object redolent of nature. Meanwhile, the interior will showcase immersive projections emanating from three 4K projectors upon internal cylindrical screens. Like the Pantheon, The PineCone will feature an oculus-like opening to introduce the outside world into the interior experience.

Fully mobile, The PineCone can be transported to museums, cultural centers, national parks and community organizations as a theater for the witnessing of creative media largely based in nature for 2-3 month residencies. It will also serve as a venue for artists with the interest of cultivating more engaging uses of immersive technologies, while also increasing exposure of these artists’ work.

Many cultural organizations struggle with creating spaces and integrating work that is appropriate for expanded audiences. The PineCone will not only serve as a singular space for inclusive audiences, but will aim to induce future creation, curation and installation of artwork for these oft-overlooked audiences.

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The PineCone is being designed in collaboration with architect Brandon Pass, whose preliminary architectural renderings are included. We are researching materials and fabrication techniques that will be creatively appropriate, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.
We have forged partnerships with Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, Autism Action Partnership, and are enlisting additional  partnerships and  locations for future residencies. We are actively pursuing avenues of fundraising to realize The PineCone to its full intent.

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Phase 1 (2019-2020)
$5,000 complete

• Research & initial design of PineCone structure including architectural renderings
Phase 2 (2020-2021)
$40,000 in process

• Prototyping & fabrication of the interior projection cylinder
• Structural planning & engineering the PineCone structure
• Revised architectural plans
• Prototyping the PineCone scales
• Sustainability research*
Phase 3 (2021-2022)

• PineCone interior projection cylinder installation (Omaha, NE)
• PineCone fabrication and construction
Phase 4 (2022-2023)

• Integration of enhanced technology including video, sound, and lights

Support to date: $5,000
Support to date: $40,000

* Interactive live video, exterior lighting, and solar power are under consideration.

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A prototype of the interior projection cylinder is currently being fabricated for the 360° installation, A Worms Eye View.

Adam Larsen
Creative Director
has designed projected imagery for over 200 live performances and directed two documentaries about disability. His first documentary, Neurotypical, about autism from the perspective of autistics, premiered on the PBS series P.O.V..

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
Presenting Organization
preserves the legacy of Black Mountain College as a forerunner in progressive interdisciplinary education and explores its extraordinary impact on modern and contemporary art, dance, theater, music, and performance.
Brandon Pass
relocated his practice from Chicago to Asheville to pursue an architecture that recognizes the responsibilities of the built form where environmental, social and contextual factors shape each insertion into a given landscape.

Autism Action Partnership
Producing Partner
works to create and fund programs to improve the quality of life of persons with autism and their families through education, advocacy, and support, enabling them to be an integral part of the community.

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